Time: 06/05/2013

The conference will be attended by representatives in IT sector such as policy makers, international experts, equipment and service providers from Vietnam and other countries and institutions in the world. In addition, there are not only some leading Internet service companies in Vietnam (such as: VNPT, Viettel, FPT Telecom, NetNam, VTC Intecom, SPT etc.) but also vendor (Zyxel) the representatives of which provide the information about IPv6 applications and services.
The event should be an important opportunity for the participants, carriers, vendors to share the ideas and experience with the audiences: IPv6 evolution Strategies of some countries and one of Asia Pacific region; IPv6 Evolution Issues; IPv6 experiences and so on. Especially, the conference represents a major milestone in the Vietnam IPv6 deployment – Vietnam IPv6 Launch. Vietnam Internet Network Information Center and ISPs (such as: VNPT, Viettel, FPT Telecom, NetNam etc.) combine to officially launch network and IPv6 services.

MORNING: Vietnam IPv6 Day, Vietnam IPv6 Launch


Time Topic Document Organization Speaker
08:30-08:40 WELCOME SPEEECH   Minister of Information and Communications (MIC) Mr. Le Nam Thang Deputy Minister MIC
08:40-08:50 OVERVIEW OF THE EVENT   Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) Mr. Hoang Minh Cuong – Vice chairman of IPv6TF and Director General of VNNIC
08:50-08:05 Keynote speech
IPv6 deployment and Trend in Asia and the world
Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force (APIPv6TF) Mr. Michael Biber Acting chair of APIPv6TF
09:05-09:20 Keynot speech
Roadmap for reality IPv6
IPv6 Ready Logo Program
( IPv6ready)
Mr. Hiroshi ESAKI, chair of IPv6 Ready Logo Program
09:20-09:35 Keynote speech
IPv6 deployment determines the future of the Internet
Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) Mr. Nguyen Hong Thang – Deputy Director General of VNNIC
09:35-09:50  Vietnam IPv6 Launch MIC, VNNIC & ISP Representatives
09:50-10:05 TEA BREAK
10:05-10:25 Vietnam IPv6 Day: IPv6 deployment of VNPT Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) Mr. Pham Tien Huy - Manager, Telecom Department, VNPT
10:25-10:45 Vietnam IPv6 Day: IPv6 deployment of NetNam Company NETNAM Company
Mr. Vu The Binh – Director of NETNAM
10:45-11:05 Vietnam IPv6 Day: IPv6 deployment of Viettel Viettel Group (VIETTEL) Mr. Tran Van Thanh – IP Expert, Viettel Group
11:05-11:25 Vietnam IPv6 Day: IPv6 deployment of FPT Telecom FPT Telecom Mr. Vu Tu Anh – CTO FPT Telecom
11:25-11:45 Vietnam IPv6 Day: IPv6 deployment of VTC Intecom VTC Intecom company Mr. Le Minh Tri– Network expert of VTC Intecom
11:45-12:00 IPv6 deployment in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) Mrs. Miwa Fuji - Senior IPv6 Program Specialist: APIPv6TF Secretariat
12:00-13:15 LUNCH


AFTERNOON: Strategies, solutions for IPv6 transition and deployment


Time Topic Document Organization Speaker
13:30-13:45 Strengthening IPv6 deployment among State authorities Authority of Information Technology Application (AITA) - MIC Mr. Nguyen Trong Khanh – Officer
13:45-14:00 IPv6 deployment of content service providers and IPv6 policy of MIC Department of Information Technology (DIT) - MIC Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Team Leader of Hardware and Electronic Industry Group DIT
14:00-14:20 IPv6 deployment experiences and strategies of NTT Communications NTT Communications Mr. Seiji Ariga - Senior Manager of IP Engineering at NTT Communication Corp.
14:20-14:40 Promoting IPv6 adoption HP Company Mr. Nguyen Tran Thuc – Solution Architect HP
14:40-15:00 IPv6 deployment with Domain Name System Nominum Company Mr. Dean McDonald - Senior Engineer APAC
15:00-15:15 TEA BREAK
15:15-15:35 Promoting IPv6 Adoption Cisco System (Cisco) Mr. Kok-Keong Lee Director of Systems Engineering for ASEAN
15:35-15:55 IPv6 made ready Bluecat Networks Company Mr. Don Tan – Regional Director for South Asia and India
15:55-16:15 IPv6 applications for CP equipments by Zyxel Zyxel Company (Zyxel) Mr. Le Huy Minh Triet – Solution Architect Zyxel
16:15-16:30 IPv6 deployment for the Vietnam Research and Education Network Vietnam Research and Education Network (Vinaren) Mrs. Nguyen Hong Van – Director of Vinaren
16:30-16:45 IPv6 Security BKAV Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc - Director of Internet Security Division
16:45-17:15 LUCKY DRAW